Haute Route Pyrenees

My trip along the Pyrenean Haute Route covering nine stages from Renclusa to Coma Pedrosa


My Route: see my route (opens in new tab)

I used the following maps:


Carte de Randonees 1:50,000 series

The maps I used were the Carte de Randonnees 1:50,000 Hiking Maps. I purchased No.6 (Couserans-Val D'Aran & No.7 (Haute-Ariege), available from stanfords.co.uk. I purchased one from Amazon and the other from Ebay as they were cheaper than Stanfords. I did however find that although the maps are ajoining, some clever cartographer decided to put the cover & key on the section of the maps where the trail passes, so I was in fact missing a section.

carte de randonnee


Where I joined the Haute Route from Hospice de France and sections that were missing from the 'Carte de Randonees' maps; I reproduced maps from https://www.openstreetmap.org/, I used the 'Cycle Map' layer which best showed the mountain trails and contours, took screenshots and made colour copies.

After a bit more investigation I found an openstreetmap layer called 'outdoors' that was better than the 'Cycle Map' layer. It not only showed the mountain trails and contours in better detail, but also actually marked on the HR and it's varients (note: these routes won't be the exact route as decsribed in the Cicerone guide).

I have created a map based on this 'outdoor' layer here
"HRP Etape 26" mean HRP route stage 26.
(Note: the refuge markers have been created by me)



A great app for both Android and iOS is Maps.me. It is based on OpenStreetMaps.ord (above) and is downloadable and usable offline. I found it invaluable at times when my 1:50,000 map just didn't have the detail needed and the trail was poorly defined on the ground. Highly recommended for both mountain and city use! Remember: Don't rely on electronic mapping for navigation in the mountains; use it as a suppliment to paper maps and route finding skills.